Our Story


Remember when a cookie was just a cookie? Something you ate, loved and ate again. Me, too.

Then you became an adult (sigh), and eating cookies made you feel guilty. Truth is, we all have things to feel guilty about, but cookies should not be one of them! At least that’s what my mom, Audrey, believed.

She was a pharmacist by profession, but cookies were her prescription for happiness. She brought them everywhere as a way to spread love and connect with people. Audrey’s Cookies honors her legacy and allows us to share her “enjoy life” philosophy with the world.

Audrey was passionate about making the world a better place. We continue that tradition through our support of Starlight Children’s Foundation, a charity she loved with all her heart.

So, forget about the guilt for a while. Just grab a box and start spreading Audrey’s joy with the people in your life. They’ll love you for it. We will, too!

– Roberta Koz

Starlight Children's Foundation

Audrey’s Cookies and Starlight Children’s Foundation.
Making the world a better place. One cookie at a time.